Sinful Sunday: Out of touch

That feeling you get when you’ve been wearing a watch or ring for a long time, and then you’re not. You’re suddenly, constantly, aware of its absence.

My back has felt like that for the past month.

There was one night when he was being much more demonstrative than usual. He’d barely kicked his shoes off before pulling me in to him by my waist, then anchoring me to him with a hand sliding up my spine, the other resting lightly on my waist.

I almost swooned.

He’s a clever Chap (well, mostly), and he realised very quickly that if he wanted to have me melt in his hands, all he had to do was brush them across my kidneys, along my vertebrae, over my shoulder blades.

He wasn’t the most touchy-feely of people; I’m much the same, only really demonstrative when I feel totally secure, or a little bit giddy on cocktails. But now I ache for contact – and my back feels it most.

It feels like there’s a vacuum around it. No amount of sinking into a Pilates mat, pulling a duvet tight around it, attempting to give it a pebble massage on the less breezy days on the beach, eases its need for the human touch.

Indy's back

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Sinful Sunday


  1. So firstly, this is such a beautiful picture. I ma a big fan of backs but even so this is just stunning, the way it shows of the contours of your body is just so sensual and secondly, I would be the same, stroke my back and I will almost purr, it is a very sensual erotic thing for me and I think it really would be something I would mourn the loss of terribly if it was gone. Bug hugs to you and gentle back caress!

    Molly recently posted…A Hard ManMy Profile

  2. I’m like you. My back is one of my most sensitive spots and I love having it touched and stroked. I think, in general, the back often gets overlooked/neglected as a play zone in favourite of other parts of the anatomy, which is a shame. (Hmm – maybe we should start a ‘seduce my back’ campaign? :))

    Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted…Sinful Sunday: 14 yearsMy Profile

  3. This is a beautiful photo. You’ve managed to capture the longing and missing your words describe. I also like my back to be touched. It’s those little things I think sometimes we miss most.
    mariasibylla recently posted…BoundMy Profile

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